Soubi x Kio

I'll paint my words of love with your name on every wall

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A community for fans of the couple Kio x Soubi from Loveless!
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*Note: the above art is by neko-cat, whose art can be viewed at http://neko-cat.deviantart.com

Welcome to SoubixKio, the LJ community for the couple!

Feel free to join anytime you want! Contact Danie at 0928soubi@2d.com if you'd like to become a maintainer

Feel free to post art, fanfiction, AMV's, icons, banners, screenshots, and whatever else you feel like <3

R u l e s
·Be nice to everyone
·Respect the staff
·Place everything behind an LJ-cut
·Don't steal artwork
·If your work has mature content, include a warning
·No flaming or bashing other couples

Feel free to post "I'm new" posts, because it won't get annoying since I doubt there'll be many people joing anyway ^_^;